Open Mind reDesign & Open Mind Emporium

The Open Mind Emporium was opened on May 26th, 2018 at Scottsdale Fashion Square. OME was created by the team at Open Mind reDesign, which is a custom design and printing company based in Tempe. Owners Kevin Pringles and Nate Butt founded OMrD in 2012 while working as waiters and living in Litchfield Park. Kevin is an entrepreneur and Nate is a talented artist, so they started building one day at a time. After a few years they were able to purchase a screen printing press and all the equipment to print t-shirts, so that became the focus of their custom business. 

In 2015, Open Mind reDesign opened an office/warehouse in Tempe. Around the same time they started participating in the First Friday event every month in downtown Phoenix. This is where they connected with more members of the local art community and started helping them with printing services. And since then OMrD has served over 100 clients in every industry with quality custom design and printing services. 

OMrD and the OME are based on the principles of service and helping others. We are here to help you with your design, apparel, and printing needs! We are here to help you promote your creations and sell them in a professional way at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall!

And we are here to help you connect to others in the local art community, which is why we created the OPEN MIND FEST! The first OMF will be on September 24th at the Open Mind reDesign studio! We will have live music, food, drinks, and local artists/brands can set up for free and showcase their work!


Kevin Pringles

Nate Butt